Intentional interfaith collective 



The world's spiritual traditions are rich with wisdom and possibilities; Yellow Springs in blessed to have persons of almost every major faith tradition, as well as those that are not as well-known but are just as filled with truth and beauty. We come together in order to learn from one another, to grow, to challenge, to be vulnerable, to be willing to listen and speak and love.


Atheists. Agnostics. Spiritual but not religious. All are welcome. And not so that one tradition may be elevated above another, but rather so that we may affirm that a person need not believe in God--in a theistic or even polytheistic sense--to be a spiritual being yearning for connection. One can be rooted in philosophy or ethical principles and feel just as connected to themselves, others, and the source of Life as persons who follow a religious tradition. 


 When we gather each month, it is so that we may greet each other anew as longtime friends. We come together to shake off the detritus and shackles that world heaves upon us, to seek out the cool water of reason and affirmation. While there are leaders within the movement, there is no leader of the movement. We come as equals, partners, ones with gifts of the Spirit we wish to share and have affirmed. We are communio


On the last Thursday of each month, resuming in January 2017, we will gather for a liturgia service. Literally meaning, "work of the people," this original interfaith format crafted by Rev. Aaron Maurice Saari, Ms. Anna Burke, and Mr. Ryan Stinson that seeks to be invitational, authentic, unique, and powerful. We will gather to be guided by a facilitator ( a new person each month representing a tradition or approach that will guide the experience); featured will be at least two of the following: an original piece of art crafted as a commentary or expression of the theme; an original piece of music/a piece that has been reinterpreted for the occasion; or a spoken word selection meant to push us beyond language through the use of prophetic, energetic, authentic, fearless speech. 

We are ever in the process of speaking to artists, musicians, writers, poets, facilitators, philosophers, gurus, and sojourners. If you are wondering if there might be a place for you here, the answer is yes. Now let's figure out the details together. 



Through Pastor Aaron, Anna and Ryan, I thought it was a lovely experience. I truly enjoyed being part of it. It most definitely met my expectations. I felt welcome, the atmosphere was relaxed, and I enjoyed the art and music very much.”
— Response to the first liturgia reported through Survey Monkey