Upcoming events



Thursday, January 26
 6-9 PM
314 XENIA AVE YSO 45387



The next event is our January liturgia, held on 1/26. Given the events of NYE and some of the wider conversations going on within the village, we are so happy to be hosting the MLK Beloved Community Scholars from United Theological Seminary as the featured panel.

We will gather at 6 pm for a community meal; come for soup and stay to make new memories. Around 7 we will kick off a drum circle and a community canvas art project; as the Spirit moves us from creativity to contemplation, we will turn our attentions to a panel discussion.

Members of the Beloved Community Scholars reside in Baltimore, D.C., North Carolina, and right here in Yellow Springs (our own Pastor Aaron). PA will emcee a discussion in which the Scholars will share their insights and will offer suggestions regarding how to create a community that supports the type of policing we seek. How do we foster the sort of feeling we had decades ago when most of the police lived locally? How do we address some of the stumbling blocks that are cited as reasons for strained relationships between police and citizenry? Each of them have worked and pastored in communities that have had and continue to have incredibly strained relationships; while the details differ, the goals are the same: the enactment of beloved community.

The aim for this evening is to think about and vision the sort of community structures that will attract the sort of police officers we wish to have, and will help bring them into the fullness of community life and identity.

Join us. Bring a drum. Monetary and food donations accepted. Hugs always welcome.



the days of traditional tithing are over. communities must seek financial stability in other ways. we honor a system that emphasizes time, talent, and treasure. members of the BCPYS decide for themselves what is best for them, and we honor it.

Right now, everything is done on a volunteer basis. we are searching for funding, but until we are a 501c3 we cannot solicit funds explicitly. however, donations made to individuals are legal. we are not an organization that desires money, but what we deisre to do requires money. we simply trust it will come.