about us

in the beginning 

"The idea is crazy. Too big. Too many moving pieces. Too ambitious."

We've heard a lot of that. But we've heard more interest, more enthusiasm, more excitement to be bold. To gather together and share our passions, our strengths, our fears, our commitment. To deepen this thing we call community in a place that already does community pretty well. 

In the coming months, this site will grow. You’ll begin to learn more about the twenty-five scholars, pastors, artists, musicians, counselors, educators, poets, writers, activists, and children of the Creator who have gathered together to become The Beloved Community Project of Yellow Springs.

What we do is complex in its simplicity. We believe that all persons of goodwill deserve a spiritual community; we believe that authentic education around important issues like religion and justice can be difficult to find, on and off college campuses, because of financial restrictions and limited access to experts. We put together tailored educational and spiritual programming with authentic voices and perspectives. We can arrange book groups or weekend conferences. We can assist organizations in responding lovingly and affirmatively with issues related to religious and racial conflicts; we can help people to understand more about non-Christian faiths, or even to provide alternate perspectives on religions we know well.


Working Mission statement 

Mission Statement : The Beloved Community Project of Yellow Springs (BCPYS) will focus on forming and sustaining an intentional interfaith collective, to include all faith traditions, atheists, agnostics, and nones; will provide tailored educational programming to communities, organizations, and educational institutional in a wide variety of areas, but all with the purpose of advancing harmonious and inclusive community; and will organize and/or participate in nonviolent actions that both facilitate speaking truth to power and involving the legal dismantling of systems or structures that oppress persons or communities. 

Hopes and dreams live here 

We’re not an organization that seeks to compete with anyone else, especially within the Village. Our religious community serves many functions: a supplement for those already within a spiritual discipline who wish to widen their understanding or deep their practice; a point of entry for those who are interested in world religions, especially those represented in Yellow Springs, but are not yet ready to commit to one path or direction; for those who have been abused by traditional organized religion, who seek connection and community along with the permission to say “no” to theologies that do not resonate; and for our atheist, agnostic, and spiritual but not religious who want—and deserve—a space to be spiritual beings without being told they “lack” something crucial.  

we accept time, talent, and treasure. Click if you help us financially as we grow from an idea to a reality. contact us if you want to serve. come see us no matter what.